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When it comes to using CBD oil in East Amherst finding the correct dosage is of utmost importance. I cannot begin to tell you the number of patients I have consulted with who were simply using the wrong blend of oil or dose resulting in unwanted or ineffective results. If you take nothing else away from this article understand the following; dosing CBD oil relies greatly on your own intuition. You have to listen to your body and closely monitor how it’s responding. Your needs and dosage will most likely change over time. Trial and error are a must. I have listed some general guidelines below but at the end of the day you will need to be diligent on your own or with your health care provider to figure out the correct dose.

Multiple factors can play a role when trying to find the correct dose. As listed in the book “CBD A Patients Guide to Medical Cannabis”:

  •  The medical Condition or problem
  • The stage or intensity of the condition
  • Your biology and metabolism
  • Your endocannabinoid system and how it acclimates to CBD over time
  • Body Weight
  • Your sensitivity to cannabis
  • Your unique chemistry which includes the drugs and foods you ingest

East Amherst Chiropractor Provides Usages and Correct Dosage Amounts

CBD oil has what is called a bi-phasic effect. In lay terms this means that at too low of a dose the oil will be ineffective. At too high of a dose the oil may not work or worse the oil may exacerbate one’s symptoms. For example, if you are using CBD oil to support health sleep cycles at too low of a dose the oil may not work at too high of a dose the oil may increase one’s insomnia. When dosing CBD oil weight and height can play a role but does not always determine the dosage, everyone is unique, and their endocannabinoid system is going to respond differently. In many cases less is more. Always start with a lower dose and work your way up. It is not uncommon that over time (with consistent use) you will need to decrease your dosage as your body’s natural cannabinoid levels begin to rise. Remember the goal of CBD oil is to restore the body to balance and homeostasis. To further understand why this happens read my article “What is CBD oil”.

In general, the following applies. This is taken from “CBD: A Patients Guide to medicinal Cannabis—Healing without the high”

There are 3 different levels of dosing (Micro, Stand, and Macro) depending on the condition. I recommend starting with the 500-750mg bottle with Micro, 750-1,000mg bottle with Standard, and 1,000-1,500mg bottle with Macro. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique – one size does not fit everyone. Start with 1-2 drops twice a day and gradually increase the number of drops based on symptom response. If there are any unpleasant side-effects it should be stopped immediately. 

Here is an excerpt from “CBD: A Patient's Guide to Medicinal Cannabis--Healing without the High" by Leonard Leinow, Juliana Birnbaum, Michael H. Moskowitz. A great book and is available on Kindle.

"Micro doses are considered a low level of medication, in the range of 0.5 mg to 20 mg of CBD per dose per day (CBD/dose/day). Micro doses can be effective for sleep, headache, mood disorders, nausea, PTSD, stress, and metabolic disorders. 

Standard doses are the mid-range, between 10 mg to 100 mg of CBD/dose/day. Standard doses have been shown to be effective for pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, arthritis, some mental disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, autism, and weight loss. 

Macro (or therapeutic) doses are at the high range, between 50 mg and 800 mg of CBD/dose/day. Doses at this level are often used to treat cancer, epilepsy, seizure disorders, liver disease, and other severe life-threatening conditions."

When shopping for CBD oil in East Amherst you will notice different products have different strengths/concentrations on the bottles. These strengths range from 250mg-1500mg or higher. The stronger the concentration the more oil you are getting per dropper/ drop. Our product line has four different strengths of oil.

  • 500mg (20mg per dropper/24 drops) 0.83 mg per drop
  • 750mg (30mg per dropper/ 24 drops) 1.25 mg per drop
  • 1000mg (40mg per dropper/ 24 drops) 1.66 mg per drop
  • 1500mg (60mg per dropper/ 24 drops) 2.5 mg per drop

I would begin by determining how many milligrams of CBD a day you are looking to consume. Which range do you fall into micro, standard or macro dosages? Of course, if you are looking into macro dosages you would want a stronger concentration of CBD per drop. Although many people find its more cost effective to purchase a stronger concentration and use less drops per serving.

When using the oil, it is best to keep a close eye on your dosage as seeing how an effective dose may increase or decrease over time. Finding the right dosage depends greatly on your intuitive ability to administer the oil yourself. For example, let’s assume you are using a 1000mg concentration of CBD oil. Adjust the dosage in the following manner shown below (keep it simple).

1000mg bottle dosage chart:

  • 24 drops= 40mgs (full dropper)
  • 12 drops= 20mgs (1/2 dropper)
  • 6 drops=10mgs
  • 3 drops=5 mgs

For example, a client wants to use CBD oil to promote healthy pain control and inflammation. The client may begin by taking 12 drops or ½ dropper a day. If this is too much or too little it is now easy for the client to increase to 24 drops a day or decrease to 6 drops daily. Keeping a log can be very helpful when dosing CBD oil. At NC&IR in East Amherst NY we recommend working with a physician or health professional that knows how to properly dose the oil.

The example above example demonstrates the importance of knowing you have a quality product with clearly defined labeling. If you are unsure of the dosage you are getting per drop it will be hard to administer the correct dose, especially because the correct dosage is a very “fluid” concept that may change depending on lifestyle factors.

Correct product selection and dosage is the most complex aspect of navigating the CBD oil market. Do not let this deter you. Call Northtown Chiropractic & Injury Rehab in East Amherst today and speak with a qualified health professional. Please review our article on “Choosing the Right CBD Oil for You”.

How should I Consume CBD OIL?

It is very important to keep one fact in mind when choosing how you want to use CBD oil. Studies suggest that oral consumption of CBD only has a bioavailability between 13% and 19%. In humans the inhalation is between 11% and 45%. Why is this important? You must be using a quality product especially if bioavailability is so poor. In my professional opinion I recommend staying away from the vaporizer pens. The reason being is the jury is still out on the safety of vaporizing oils. Some of the carriers used in the vape pen oils are shown to be quite dangerous. Some of the solvents used even convert to formaldehyde once heated. If you are new to CBD stick to the basics. Choose a sublingual oil such as CBD BIOCARE the brand we offer here at NC&IR in East Amherst NY. CBD oil taken sublingually takes effect within two minutes and last for up to 8 hours. The oil is then absorbed through the micro blood vessels in the mouth.  Unlike when you consume a gummy or edible CBD product, sublingual oil is not broken down by the gut and liver. Remember the extraction method used to obtain the oil is critical to its absorption. Read my article “Choosing the Right CBD Oil for You” for more information.

Main Points:

  • Choose a quality product
  • Look for a sublingual product / try to avoid smoking and using a vape
  • Start with a low dose
  • Keep a journal
  • Try taking the oil at different point throughout the day
  • Keep in mind your “sweet spot dose” may change with time

If you have any additional questions please give us a call at Northtown Chiropractic & Injury Rehab in East Amherst.


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